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2 min readFeb 18, 2024

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GangGang is a SocialFi project created by former team members of TikTok, Meta, and Binance.

We are dedicated to creating a Web3 social application that can truly enter people’s lives, aiming to be the bridge between Web2 and Web3, enabling Web2 users to smoothly transition into the world of Web3.

We will soon launch this innovative product that integrates Web2 and Web3. Currently in the early stages of the project, you can invite your friends to join, enjoy future airdrops and more benefits, and become an early member of the GangGang community!

GangGang team background and funding status

Our team members hail from tech giants like TikTok, Meta, and Binance. The founder previously worked as a software engineer at both Binance and TikTok, our CTO has a background as a backend software engineer at Meta, and our CMO is a partner with extensive marketing experience in the Web3 domain. Other members of our team, including engineers and designers, mostly come from Binance and TikTok as well. We are a team that combines experience in Web2 social software development with expertise in Web3 product development, and we possess exceptional development capabilities.