Aleo Testnet Airdrop Guide 2023

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2 min readNov 21, 2023

Aleo is a Layer-1 blockchain designed with zero-knowledge principles. It’s the first platform to offer fully private applications and is the ultimate toolkit for building zero-knowledge applications. One of these applications is the Aleo zero-knowledge Layer 1 Blockchain, which is the focus of our hunting endeavor today.

Investment-wise, Aleo has raised a whopping $298 million from top VCs like SoftBank, a16z, Samsung, Coinbase Ventures, and Polychain Capital.

Aleo Testnet Airdrop Guide 2023

  1. Create a new wallet Leo Wallet

2. Claim testnet $ALEO tokens by going to the Faucet: or text “1–867–888–5688” with “Send 50 credits to your_aleo_wallet.” In my experience texting works better, keep in mind SMS charges might be incurred. or Faucet Discord Servers: syntax: /sendcredits aleoxxxxx 5

3. Bridge any asset to ALEO by visiting and connecting your wallet. Bridge $gETH to ALEO.

4. You can also complete Aleo Zealy quests by visiting Exclusive quest answers will be provided on my WhatsApp channel.

5. Explore some of the projects building on Aleo at

6. Anyone who has Aleo can test and continue to earn tx
- Access faucet section to mint token test (ETH, usdc,…)
- Swap — Pool
- More — Launch token to create 1 token.

Generate TX directly on the wallet:

  • Send Aleo: Send Aleo to another wallet
  • Convert Aleo from Public to Private & vice versa

8. Deploy Program

Tool deploy:
Block Check (if needed):