Airdrop Persona project by BinanceLabs supported

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2 min readFeb 16, 2024

BinanceLabs supported ($9M) project, we will join the #waitlist of the Persona project and take our place for the potential #airdrop! πŸš€
Cost: $0 πŸ’°
Potential earnings: $500-$1,500
Follow our guide and take your place for the airdrop.
What is @Persona_Journey?
β†’ Ultimate Champions is a completely free-to-play, cross-league Web3 fantasy sports platform with officially licensed digital cards hosted as NFTs. Persona is being built by the game studio @Unagi_studio, which is behind all these projects. Unagi announced that they will issue $UNA token in the first quarter.
β†’ Persona is a groundbreaking collection of avatars at the heart of the next-level gaming ecosystem.
β†’ The team/company behind the project has received a total investment of $9,000,000 from various VCs, including Binance Labs.

Airdrop transactions πŸ“

We will register on the waiting list on the platform and collect points. ‡️

β†’ First, go to
β†’ Then connect your X (Twitter) account as the bot prompts.
β†’ Then connect your wallet and Discord account.
β†’ Finally, to earn more points, click on the Activity tab and do tasks such as likes and RTs. Copy your invite link from here (at the bottom) and share it with us in the comments!

β€” -Earn more points by checking the Activity section from time to time and completing new tasks.